City of Churches


Adelaide frequently ranks as the most livable city in Australia, and the 5th most livable in the world. Adelaide is a hub of culture and creativity – simply put, it’s rad! With a beautiful coastline, a vibrant city center and easygoing locals, it’s no surprise that people from all over the world are flocking to South Australia.

 Adelaide hosts a number of lively festivals; celebrating both homegrown and international artists, local produce and wine and everything in between. Deemed the ‘city of churches’ as it features a plethora of church buildings, many which are architecturally stunning – at CityLight we are keen to see Adelaide be marked by people in gospel-centered community.


Glenelg, the popular seaside suburb is noted for it’s laid-back atmosphere and welcoming family culture. At the bay, you’ll find a number of restaurants and cafes, a lively beachfront and a variety of entertainment to keep the whole family amused. Post-service, CityLighters flock to local eateries, continuing in community and conversation. When summer rolls around, you’ll often find us on the beach or throwing a ball around on the grass.


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Address: 2 Byron St, Glenelg